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Where do you start?
You have a choice of mapping software and consultancy firms. Where do you begin comparing your options?

At thinkWhere, we begin with your destination in mind. Streamlined data access. True information sharing. Location data sitting at the heart of your enterprise information systems, uncovering business insights, sparking new ideas, freeing your resources to devote to innovation and growth.

Technical support from GIS experts
Our Service Desk connects you with experienced GIS consultants to resolve your queries, backed by rigorous Service Level Agreements, giving you assurance of defined response and resolution times. Our same expert team delivers thinkWhere Training services.

Consultative by design

Find out why customers choose a thinkWhere Discovery workshop to engage their leadership teams, get under the skin of their strategic objectives and explore how location intelligence can deliver.

Our Consultancy

Managed Services make it easy

Our Managed Services provide you with complete peace of mind with technical support, product training and customer management delivered by our team of product experts.

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thinkWhere Data Management

thinkWhere experts have been at the heart of the GIS industry, amassing an unrivalled knowledge of Ordnance Survey data, spatial data and metadata standards, and devising proven stewardship processes for a wealth of public data. We apply the same rigour to managing your own geographic data, protecting the value of this asset: you’re free to drive business value from location information, without the headache of maintaining it.

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“With thinkWhere, we know we’re working with the leading-edge technical experts in the geographic information field. Their skillset is unique, and their experience and knowledge are second to none.”

Gary Donaldson,
Business Development Manager,
Millar & Bryce

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