Total geographic data management

We apply our decades of expertise and understanding of location data to help you safeguard and maximise the value of this critical information asset.

Clients tell us they choose thinkWhere because we unite our technical expertise with a strong grasp of their challenges and business goals.

Our geospatial knowledge, your business benefit
For more than two decades, thinkWhere Data Management experts have been at the heart of the GIS industry, amassing an unrivalled knowledge of Ordnance Survey data, spatial data and metadata standards, and devising proven stewardship processes for a wealth of public data.

We apply the same rigour to managing your own geographic data, protecting the value of this asset: you’re free to drive business value from location information, without the headache of maintaining it.

Collaborate and share geographic data from a web portal
See how groundMapper gathers location information from dispersed sources into one source of truth, for better sharing and collaboration among staff and external stakeholders.

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Connect directly to our database platform and mapping APIs
Learn more about theMapCloud, our highly scalable database platform, giving you access to over 300 up-to-date third-party datasets.

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