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How can insights about location deliver new business value? How much time and cost could you save by modernising the way you manage location data? thinkWhere consultancy can find you answers.

Liberate knowledge about location with Consultancy

Everything happens in a geographic place. Knowing where is often the first step to knowing why. But when geographic data is confined to one department and one specialist team, you can’t connect it to your other enterprise information, or spot the eye-opening value of knowing where.

Business first, technology second
thinkWhere consulting begins with a Discovery workshop that engages your leadership team, including non-GIS experts, to get under the skin of your business objectives and explore how location intelligence can deliver. We draw on our experts’ deep domain knowledge as well as our track record of working with organisations like yours to maintain and drive more value from location.

An independent view
Our consultants don’t steer you towards any one technology; we listen. We take a “critical friend” approach, helping you define your ideal final result, and interrogating how your current data management practices help or hinder. Our output is a roadmap that pinpoints obstacles, goals, and how you can get there from here.

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An agile business, with geospatial data at the heart
The agile enterprise integrates location data with other intelligence to uncover insights, reveal new revenue streams, and make better business decisions. Discover what you can achieve when geospatial data is where it should be: at the heart of your information systems enterprise.

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“We are on the edge of a geospatial transformation. Location data will be integrated with data from a plethora of other sources to unlock rich new insights, power better decision-making and catalyse new products and services across all industry sectors.”

The Power of Place,
June 2020

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