with ready-to-use geographic datasets.

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With most business activities relating to location, combining geographic data, business data and your in-house knowledge allows you to be agile. Agility allows you to respond quicker than your competitors, and faster than your customers expect, improving the quality and speed of decision making.

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In a fast-moving world, companies must be able to grow and scale if the demands arise, which includes having the technology to enable a fast response. An important aspect of adaptability is having a strong grasp on the data that powers your business – and when it comes to data, location intelligence offers tremendous value.

At thinkWhere, we have 300+ datasets – here and ready-to-use

Once there was chaos, now there is clarity.
In your current workflow you may search, source, download and geoprocess a range of 3rd party open datasets by visiting multiple different websites and access data in different formats and structures. Location data may include environmental constraints, designations, flooding and historical monuments for example.

With thinkwhere we manage open data for you.
We source, maintain and manage 300+ datasets from one portal – not many. You simply select your required datasets from the online groundMapper data catalogue and add to map view to gain the confidence to make better decisions, faster.




300+ viewable mapping layers in our flagship platform



Share location information securely with staff and external stakeholders


Get a definitive view of land and property information

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