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Data Management Consultancy

thinkWhere is a data-driven company. We understand the importance of high quality, up-to-date information for the effective and efficient operation and delivery of your business services. We also understand the complexity of data and the amount of resource required for its effective management. Using our data management consultancy services will save you time and money. Therefore, if you’re looking for a one stop shop for geographic data… look no further!

We can help you:

  • Find the right geographic data for your projects / systems
  • Understand complex data specifications
  • Understand data and metadata standards
  • Process and translate data from different suppliers

Crown Copyright Ordnance Survey 2014

As an Ordnance Survey Licenced Partner we manage and maintain national coverage of all the Ordnance Survey digital map products.

We have in-depth knowledge of digital map datasets, geographic information, metadata and associated standards.

We make extensive use of a wide range of third party publicly available datasets and can source relevant, high quality geographic datasets and digital maps that best suit your needs.

We can also provide a complete Managed Data Service where we will not only source the data you need, but keep this up-to-date for you and supply it in the data formats you need when you want them.

We also appreciate how important effective data management is within your business. Maintaining and updating the geographic datasets created by your own staff takes time and effort. However, we often see duplicated effort, inefficient management processes and complicated data sharing activities taking place. We can advise you how to streamline your data management activities and technologies to ensure your processes are running efficiently and effectively.

We are experts in developing effective data management plans. We have a proven method of auditing your existing GIS data and metadata to understand the “as is” approach and to identify opportunities for improvement. By systematically redefining the workflow processes, roles and responsibilities, quality assurance and data controls we can help you reduce the risks of data duplication, data redundancy and exposing out of date content.

We also offer a GIS Data Management Workshop, a training course designed to help you get the most from managing your data effectively.

Whether you have a specific project or an idea we may be able to help with, please contact us to discuss how our GIS consultancy could help deliver your objectives.


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What Our Clients Say...

"I really like the fact that the thinkWhere team is made up of GIS professionals rather than just people who answer and log a phone call. It means that they’re able to immediately provide expert advice and they truly understand the importance of dealing with issues promptly and effectively!"

Senior Asset Management Officer
Falkirk Council



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