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As demands on land use increase, thinkWhere launches latest version of location portal groundMapper

By 19 November 2020April 4th, 2023No Comments

thinkWhere has launched groundMapper Advance, a new version of its easy to use multi-platform mapping portal. Designed for land management businesses, groundMapper Advance provides speedy access to high quality, accurate and consistent location data, including more than 300 mapping layers and datasets from organisations such as Ordnance Survey, Environment Agency and Forestry Commission.

Provided as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) the new groundMapper Advance portal provides enhanced features for creating and managing workflows and easily customised templates to create a very easy to use tool for use by anyone.  The tailor-made maps and land based reports can be updated and shared with colleagues, contractors and other stakeholders.

thinkWhere transforms how its clients access location data from traditional and manual methods of data collection and sharing to provide multiple stakeholders access to data and their own business intelligence, anytime from anywhere.

groundMapper Advance provides a definitive source of land and property information with easy access, to over 300 mapping layers from any web-connected device. This helps improve project management and reporting in sectors such as land and property, agriculture, forestry, utilities, infrastructure and development.

“groundMapper is already transforming workflows across a variety of sectors where access to reliable, repeatable and accessible geographic intelligence is vital to clients day-to-day activities,” commented Alan Moore, Chief Executive of thinkWhere. “groundMapper still provides an unbeatable library of definitive location data available built on open source technology. However, the new Advance portal empowers the user to manage who accesses what data by creating new users, accounts and projects ultimately connecting multiple stakeholders across projects”

The newly released groundMapper offers enhanced tools which make it more intuitive to create and style map outputs and reports. These outputs are easily shared, both internally with stakeholders and externally with clients, contractors and the project team, and are simple to update when required.  Improved search functionality allows quick access to stored information improving project management and improved notifications ensures users are always up to date with new features and content.

groundMapper Advance also lets a user view, query and manipulate a wide range of location data including more than 300 individual datasets including aerial photography, topographic and thematic mapping from organisations such Ordnance Survey, Environment Agency and Forestry Commission. In addition, groundMapper can be used to store, access and share internal datasets making it a single source of location intelligence for a range of applications. groundMapper also automates the reporting and royalty payments for use of external data and allows an organisation to manage user permissions.

A specialist in open source GIS technologies including web mapping and field applications, thinkWhere will be supporting the release of groundMapper Advance with a free to attend web call on Tuesday 24th November at 1100 GMT. Interested parties are invited to register by emailing info@thinkwhere.com