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groundMapper roadmap to deliver a raft of improvements

By 18 April 2024No Comments

Customer feedback is a core part of the work we do at thinkWhere, helping us to plan improvements and enhancements.

With input from our users, we have devised a roadmap for groundMapper for 2024 with a quarterly focus to help ensure the platform continues to deliver everything our customers expect, and more.

At a glance, in 2024 this includes:

  • Q1: Printing Enhancements
  • Q2: Cartography Enhancements
  • Q3: Data Editing Enhancements
  • Q4: Integration Enhancements

Charles Thompson, Geospatial Support Manager, explains some of the key points about the roadmap planning and what it will deliver for our customers.

What is the groundMapper roadmap?

The groundMapper roadmap for 2024 is the high-level summary of what we aim to add to the product over the next 12 months. This includes four key releases that target different themes of groundMapper functionality: Printing, Cartography, Data Editing and Integration. Each of these releases includes ideas for improvements and new functionality.

How long has thinkWhere been taking this initiative to consult with users?

We continually speak with our clients and users via our Service Desk and Service Review Meetings, to collate ideas on what the highest priority improvements and additions are for the product.

We can then add any ideas to our list of enhancements. We organised meetings with all current clients early last year to discuss and review any potential enhancements to the product, which helped us prioritise the enhancements that are of the highest value to users.

How frequently do you consult with your clients/users?

We aim to organise Service Review Meetings with all groundMapper customers on a quarterly basis, however this varies for each customer. Customers are always free to speak to us via the Service Desk to raise new enhancement requests.

How do you prioritise requests?

Every request will be considered, but it’s not possible to plan and implement every enhancement in the roadmap. We review each enhancement and assess the benefit it will bring to users – we will also consider the priority of the request by reviewing how many different customers/users have asked about it.

This year we identified the four key themes to focus on, which were driven by the collection of enhancements that were found to be the most valuable to users.

We’ll also take a view as to what we feel offers the most value to customers/users, as well as what users have requested. After reviewing potential enhancements, and aligning these with key themes of the product, we’ll assign each enhancement a priority: Must Have/Should Have/Could Have for the associated theme/release.

Why is the roadmap important?

We want groundMapper to provide as much value as possible to users, to make our customer’s business operations as efficient as possible. The roadmap helps provide focus on key areas of the product that can be enhanced and gives visibility on how we’re continually improving the product.