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Meet Fiona Hemsley-Flint, our Geospatial Development Manager

By 16 November 2023No Comments

Fiona Hemsley-Flint is thinkWhere’s Geospatial Development Manager with a wealth of experience and a solid background in working with spatial data and associated technologies.

We’ve asked her a few questions to give you some insights into her career to date.

Tell us a little bit about your background.

Whilst doing my undergraduate degree in Ecology and Environmental Science I discovered GIS and it immediately captured my attention – I went on to do an MSc in GIS, and then worked with Ordnance Survey to carry out my PhD which was all about the interoperability of spatial data.

Since then my career has all been about spatial data – how to manage it, visualise it, make it available to others in the most efficient and user friendly way. I have gradually increased my technical knowledge over the years, and still enjoy learning and trying out new technology and approaches.

I have been working with thinkWhere / Idox over the last two and a half years – mainly working on groundMapper and the Open Maps for Europe project.

What do you like most about your current role?

I enjoy working with the rest of the thinkWhere team to continually improve our products – there’s a great sense of satisfaction when we complete a release and roll it out to our customers.

What do you bring to the team?

I have many years of experience working with spatial data and associated technologies, and the challenges that come with them!

I’m enthusiastic and friendly and I am always happy to help anyone as and when required.

As Sprint Facilitator I ensure the team are able to plan their work and know what is coming next so that everyone gets the best out of each sprint.

How does the team work together and what do you achieve for your clients?

The team works really well together – we have daily stand ups, and retros at the end of each of our three-weekly sprints which all give everyone the chance to talk about how they’re getting on. We are always happy to try out new ways of collaborating to ensure everyone gets the best out of each other.

This cohesive way of working benefits our clients as it ensures we are all working towards the same common goal which results in excellent products and deliverables which meet our clients’ needs and requirements to a high standard.

What does the future here look like for you?

I have recently started a new role as Geospatial Development Manager which is an exciting step for me – I am looking forward to building on the training and skills I gained whilst completing the ‘Leading Together’ course last year.

What interests you outside of work?

I am very lucky to live over the road from the sea, and my family and I enjoy swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding, as well as going further afield and climbing the occasional Munro, or exploring the Scottish Islands.

I am also working on my menagerie – so far we have a cat (who is often seen on Teams calls!), three hens, quite a few tropical fish, and the occasional frog in our pond!