QGIS Cartographic Skills Training

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This 1 day course will teach you how to create attractive, informative maps using QGIS.

Taught by means of tutor-led teaching and hands-on exercises, expand your cartographic expertise by learning how QGIS can be used for producing high quality, meaningful maps.

This course is most suitable for:

Those with experience of using QGIS with a responsibility for creating maps for the display and communication of information.

Course Outline

Module 1: Extending your skills in the Print Composer

Gain in-depth understanding of the QGIS Print Composer functionality.

Print Composer functionalityCreating a simple mapCreating complex maps (including multiple overviews, multiple page design, expression based text and html frames).

Module 2: using the Atlas Builder in QGIS

Understand when to use the Atlas Builder and how to apply it.

Introduction to the Atlas BuilderBatch processing – creating automated map outputs.

Module 3: QGIS Labelling Functionality

Learn about the options for labelling maps and how they can be customised.

Introduction to labellingStandard labelling techniquesData drive labelling for complex cartographic effectsUsing QGIS plugins for labelling.

Module 4: QGIS Display Diagrams

Learn how to create and integrate histograms, pie charts and diagrams within your maps.

Introduction to Display Diagrams and feature dataCreating and manipulating diagrams.

Module 5: Heat Maps

Understand the benefits of using Heat Maps to identify patterns and trends in data, and learn how to create them.

The concept of a Heat MapTypical data sources for producing heat mapsCreating Heat Maps.

Module 6: Extending your Vector Symbology skills

Learn how to use the QGIS tools to create graphic effects within QGIS and have an advanced understanding of attractive and informative symbology.

Overview of the QGIS Symbology creation toolsetSymbology styles to create graphic effectsVector data layered symbolsSymbol customisationCartographic and design concepts.


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Cost: £250 (exc VAT)

Duration: 1 day

Course Dates Stirling:

25th January 2018
24th April 2018
13th July 2018
26th October 2018

Course Dates Manchester:

19th June 2018

CPD Points: 4