SSL v3 “Poodle” Vulnerability

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18 November 2014

The “SSLV3 Poodle” security vulnerability has recently surfaced, allowing a flaw in SSLv3 to be exploited.  The exploit can be used as the basis for a man-in-the-middle attack, allowing the attacker to capture and decrypt secure data communications between browser and web server.  Further information on the vulnerability can be found at

Risk is low to our products (including Location Centre) since we don’t hold sensitive personal or financial information and exploiting requires a fair bit of work.  thinkWhere have, however, taken steps to mitigate any risks to customers using the secured https connections.  For those accessing sites using https, we have disabled SSLv3 for all LIVE sites.  This is the recommended solution for the issues as all modern browsers support the newer TLS 1.0 specification.  This does mean that any customers using Internet Explorer 6.0 or lower will be no longer be able to access the products via https.

If you are a customer and have any questions, please raise a helpdesk call, email us at or call the thinkWhere support team directly on 01786 476090.

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